Wedding Party Superlatives

Best Man & Most Likely to Tell an Incriminating Story: Oliver Helfrich
Maid of Honor & Most Likely to Photobomb Your Pictures: Kristin Moore
Everyone’s Best Friend: Hilary Thomas
Most Likely to be Found at the Bar: Eric Thomas
Most Likely to Cry During the Ceremony: Jessica Davis
Lady’s Man: David Lockwood
Most Likely to Lose her Keys: Kelsey Shade
Most Likely to do a Push-Up on the Dance Floor: Jeremy Rogers
Best Late Night Mac & Cheese: Sarah Brown
Best Brewmaster: Adam Knaack
Most Likely to Drop Her Phone in the Toilet: Laura Scheper
Mr. Nice Guy: Zach Marshall
Most Sarcastic: Jordan Jones
Most Likely to Laugh at Greg’s Bad Jokes: Daniel Honchell
Officiant & Best Singer: Pat Thomas



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