Perfect, Rainy Wedding

So here’s the thing: planning a wedding is stressful. With that to say, I enjoyed it — even reveled in it a little. But as we got closer  to our big day, I admittedly was a wreck. I wasn’t nervous about marrying Greg; or nervous about falling on my face; or nervous about a drunk relative. I was nervous about this blasted, unpredictable, crazy Nashville weather.

From the time the 10-day forecast was released there was a very likely chance of rain on our wedding day. Greg (being Greg)  told me not to sweat it. We would get married regardless, which was true. But me (being me) couldn’t let it go. I had an exact vision of how the wedding day would pan out and having it rain was not part of it.

Admittedly, I became incredibly irritable with anyone who told us rain on our wedding day was good luck. I didn’t want good luck; I wanted blue skies. But I was determined. During the rehearsal my planner reluctantly allowed us to put the tent on the other side of the building as “back-up” instead of the courtyard (which is where the ceremony would be held). With raised eyebrows, my grandfather nodded his head in agreement.

Alas, on our wedding day, it rained and I mean RAINED. It was the let-me-curl-up-with-a-good-book-and-a-cup-of-tea rain. It didn’t stop during hair and makeup, as we got dressed, and even during my first look with Greg. But by the time photos started, the heavens opened up and the rain stopped for a 3 full hours. Even the ceremony was rain-free! The craziest part? Within minutes after the bridal party walked back inside, the clouds erupted with heavy rain and thunder.

There are a few theories out there regarding this coincidence. Many people say it was our deceased loved ones, particularly my mother and Greg’s friend, making sure the rain held off until the ceremony was over.  Some said it was God’s presence during our marriage that kept the rain away. And my grandfather even suggested it was my persistence that kept it away. “When there is a will, there is a way!” he later told me.

Whatever the reason, I know one thing: Marrying Greg was the most memorable day of my life, and the rain made it that much more powerful. There was no need to worry over the rain, because the rain ended up being such an exciting part of our story. While it miraculously didn’t rain during the ceremony, the rain provided a beautiful backdrop for one of my favorite memories of that night. Standing outside for our “first look” while rain poured behind us was such a romantic experience for me.

“Don’t worry over things you can’t control.” — This is a constant struggle for me, but something I was overwhelmingly reminded of on our wedding day. Though the weather wasn’t exactly how I had envisioned it, it turned out to be perfect day — rain and all.


Image by Erika Chambers


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