• Greg and I made it out to Pottery Barn yesterday afternoon and closed up our final wedding registry. Two months later, we’re almost finished with our post-wedding checklist. Still a few odds and ends to complete, but it’s starting to get back to normal around the Thomas household.
  • I FINALLY finished The Goldfinch this weekend. I have never hated and loved a book at the same time — but I do with this 771-page beast. Greg read it months ago and now I know why he couldn’t put it down. Beautiful and tragic, this was definitely the best novel I’ve read all year long.


  •  I signed up for Google Inbox on Friday. Thoughts? I’m still not too sure. Why can’t I attach Google Drive documents? WHY?
  • This is the third batch of Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread I’ve made this season. SO. GOOD. But let’s not talk about the amount of sugar in the recipe…



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