Girl Scout Cookies 4 Life

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season. I’ve been indulging ever since I’ve been able to get my hands on a box. Thin Mints and Carmel DeLites (Somoas) have been a part of my February diet since I was 10 years old.


Greg and I have easily conquered two boxes since Sunday (not ashamed) and I can’t stop craving more. Thankfully, I checked the cookie locator on their website and I can pick some up at Kroger later this week.

In honor of this unhealthy cookie habit, I came across some tasty cookie-inspired treats that I thought I’d share.

This mouthwatering Somoa dip.

These Tag-Along cookie bars. YUM.

Carmel De’Lite cheesecake… because why not?

This apple crisp made with Trefoils. Yes, please.

This Thin Mint ice cream. Who cares if it’s 20 degrees outside?

Happy baking, y’all!

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