Weekend Reads: The Girl on the Train

“There’s something comforting about the sight of strangers safe at home.”

girl-on-the-train-weekend-reads-paula-hawkins-gregricaTHIS. BOOK. OHMYGOODNESS.

If you haven’t read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, do it. NOW. It’s very rare that a book pulls me in so deeply that I spend all night reading it. Don’t misunderstand. I love reading, but I also love my sleep and I’m pretty good at making sure I have time for both. And yet, I stayed up way too late last week digesting every last word of this book.

Rachel, a commuter in London, spends every morning and evening on the train. Every morning she sees a beautiful couple on their deck drinking coffee. She’s dreamed up the perfect lives for this couple, who she’s names Jess and Jason. But one morning she passes by their house and sees something unsettling that propels her into their lives. For a full synopsis, you can check out Goodreads. 

It’s a creepier and faster-paced book than Gone Girl. And I venture to guess, that if you enjoyed Gone Girl (or any of Gillian Flynn’s books), you’re probably going to like this one.

Buy/rent/borrow this book; brew yourself a delicious pot of coffee and be prepared to lose a little sleep. Happy Reading!


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