I am a self-proclaimed news junkie. I begin my mornings with Nashville’s local news and it snowballs from there. But sometimes all those news sources can get a bit overwhelming. Realistically, I have a million other things to do than spend hours on CNN or watching The Today’s Show (as do most people).


And then my friend introduced me to theSkimm. A daily e-blast filled with the day’s top stories in short, quick paragraphs letting you “skim” the issue. They cover everything from international news to viral sensations with quippy remarks making seemingly boring issues interesting.

It’s become part of my morning ritual and it’s a great way to stay connected to the world around me when I don’t have time to read any other news that day.

If you aren’t already subscribed, you can sign up here.  Happy Skimming!


Evansville Love Fest


I am a Hoosier girl through and through. Though I live in (and love) Nashville, I will always get excited crossing the “Money-Saving Bridge” to my hometown. So when I got the opportunity to write for a friend’s local magazine Love It! EVV, I jumped at the task.

Cultivated from an idea by the founder and editorial director Kana L. Brown, this bad-ass magazine showcases Evansville’s beauty, bridal and best local businesses in the tristate area. Whether you’re looking for lifestyle tips, bridal advice or a little fashion direction (like me), Love It! has got you covered.

“It’s a love fest,” Brown says. “A public display of all the lovable things about Evansville.”

And she ain’t lying, but go see for yourself. You can either read the digital version of the quarterly magazine, or purchase a print version as a keepsake. And be sure to follow Love It’s Facebook or Instagram accounts for regular updates on all things local (and all things beautiful).